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3 Reasons National Sock Day Is One of the Best Days of the Year

Posted on December 05 2018

3 Reasons National Sock Day Is One of the Best Days of the Year


  1. The holiday honors socks, easily the most underrated item in your wardrobe.

 Unless you’re wearing sandals everyday, you’re going to need to wear socks. (shout out to the socks and sandals folks who are doing both!)


But socks can sometimes be overlooked. Who cares what your wearing on your feet? We do! The socks you wear can be a fashion statement, a form of self-expression, and a even sometimes a necessary hygiene component (*cough cough* all of our socks are antimicrobial *cough cough*)
So use December 4th to express your sock-loving self!







  1. It’s the perfect day to sport your best pair of socks! Impress your coworkers and friends by wearing socks that will make them instantly jealous. Maybe you rock your rainbow socks, or perhaps the ones you have with little cheeseburgers on them? Whatever you wear, wear it with pride on National Sock Day! (I wore my Mossy Oak Camo socks 👇)





  1. It’s the perfect day to treat yourself to a new pair! Your feet deserve it, go out and snag the pair that’s right for you. Maybe grab a pair featuring your football idol, a pair perfect for the gym, or a warm wool pair for the winter.


So as you can see, National Sock Day is clearly a day to get excited about!



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