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5 Fascinating Facts About Sock Manufacturing

Posted on November 14 2018

5 Fascinating Facts About Sock Manufacturing


This week, we took a visit to our sock manufacturer. We toured the facilities and had a good chat with the owner, who has produced American-made socks for a few successful homegrown sock and apparel brands for the last 28 years.


It was a pleasure to see how our socks are made, and both interesting and hypnotizing to see socks being spun by the latest and finest machines in manufacturing. Here are 5 interesting facts about sock manufacturing!



  1. A single sock machine cranks out anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 socks a day! These machines run 24 hours a day, everyday and spit out all different types of socks.



Sock machine



  1. Our sock manufacture produces hundreds of thousands of pairs of socks a day, running different sock styles on over 130 top-of-the-line machines!



Sock stitching



  1. One of these machines cranks out one of our Game Day socks, which contain a pretty complex color scheme and detail, in 180 seconds! They can make a plain white ankle sock in around 30 seconds.



Game Day sock being made



  1. To make socks you need thread. The warehouse of our manufacturer houses thousands of pounds of thread (be it cotton, polyester, or bamboo) in hundreds of color variations. (Midnight teal was my favorite!)



Midnight teal



  1. This thread goes quite a long way. 600 pounds of thread can be made in to over 3,000 pairs of socks! (Depending on their size of course)




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