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5 Reasons Why Our Bamboo Silvertowel® is the Ultimate Fitness Towel

Posted on December 19 2018

5 Reasons Why Our Bamboo Silvertowel® is the Ultimate Fitness Towel



You've experienced it, the perfect fitness towel can be hard to find. Some towels are too thin, some are scratchy and uncomfortable, while others simply get dirty and gross after only a couples uses. Enter the SILVERSPORT® Ultimate Fitness Towel, the easy choice for your go to gym towel. Soft, luxurious, and odor-free: here are 5 reasons that our fitness towel is unmatched.


1. Bamboo is king


The Ultimate Fitness Towel is made from the finest bamboo* available. Bamboo is the ideal fabric for a fitness towel. It is soft to the touch, stronger and more absorbent than cotton or polyester, and lightweight. Say goodbye to scratchy, thick, and sweat covered fitness towels and say hello to a lightweight and quick-drying bamboo towel.




2. Always Odor-free


Nasty gym towels have you down? Don't settle, our Silvertowel® contains our patented SILVERCLEAN® technology, which provides odor-free, antimicrobial performance for the life of the towel. The Ultimate Fitness Towel even stays charged with nanoscale silver, a natural antimicrobial, which allows the towel to stay odor-free after every workout and between washes. After contact with sweat, silver ions are released, which neutralize odor-causing bacteria. The combination of this exclusive technology with bamboo makes the Ultimate Fitness Towel the cleanest gym towel on the market!




3. The Sustainable Choice


Choosing a bamboo towel is the sustainable decision. Bamboo grows as a self-sustaining crop, requires far less water to grow, and is never treated with pesticides like other crops, such as cotton. Plus, when charged with our SILVERCLEAN® technology, your towel will never require washing due to sweat and odor.



4. American Made, Military Tested


All Silvertowels® are made from the highest quality materials and manufactured in the USA. Each towel is made with care and built to last. The United States Military use are towels, and have been for years, proving their effectiveness in even the harshest of conditions.



5. Ultimate Technology, Ultimate Value


With all of the obvious benefits stemming from the Ultimate Fitness Towel’s bamboo makeup and its unrivaled technological features, you're thinking it falls far out of your price range. But don't fear, we keep our ultimate fitness towel competitively priced! (while offering the odor-free performance that they cannot)





* bamboo from greige


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