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A Look Back At Enshrinement Week 2018

Posted on February 26 2019

A Look Back At Enshrinement Week 2018


For the last 55 years during the first week of August the small town of Canton, Ohio comes to life. The normally quiet town finds itself overflowing with the with the hustle and bustle of excited football fans from across the nation. They come for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Week, where a new class of the game’s greats are welcomed into the company of fellow legends.

The weekend features tailgates, parties, luncheons, meet and greets, and of course, the enshrinement ceremony of the newest class of Hall of Famer’s.


This past August, SILVERSPORT® was lucky enough to be made a part of the celebrations. We were invited to serve as a vendor during the celebrations. We debuted our officially licensed Game Day Socks®, which feature the names and numbers of some of the famed members of “The Hall”, and its newest inductees.




My favorite part of enshrinement week was interacting with customers. We are an e-commerce brand, which normally limits the actual face-to-face conversations that we are able to have with customers. It was nice to meet so many passionate fans.

Booth set up was a breeze, and we were provided cold drinks and air conditioning in our tent; the Pro Football Hall of Fame really knows what they’re doing. 


Our booth space was large, which gave people plenty of room to look around without feeling crowded. Usually we had a couple groups to come up to us and ask questions, or we had people on their own perusing our wall of hanging socks. We organized players in alphabetical order so there would be no favoritism shown (although as Pittsburgh natives we know that the Steelers are the best).  





There was such a wide variety of people there, including a lot of families. It was both adorable and exciting to have a kid come up to our booth, pick up a pair of socks, put them down, and run to find his parents to show them our socks. Adults were just as excited saying that these would be an excellent gift or stocking stuffer.

The workers at the event were fantastic. It was really cool to see how seemingly everyone in this town was somehow involved in this event. There were workers from every age group - high schoolers, young adults, adults, and old timers. Everyone was equally friendly, genuinely excited that we were here, and incredibly helpful.

During enshrinement week there’s always a football game one of the nights after the days events. This time it saw the Ravens defeat the Bears 17-16. The stadium was small yet impressive. I also later found out that the local high school football team gets to play there as well, how cool is that?

It was a perfect night for a football game. The temperature had settled a little with a gentle breeze in the early August air. The stadium was full. The seats were comfortable. Conversations swirled around me, some related to football, some about the game specifically, and others were just friends catching up. The sky was stunning that night (see below).  




The real highlight of the HOF enshrinement week was the fans. 

It was early August and absolutely sweltering outside but that didn’t stop some fans from dressing in full blown costumes and extravagant fan apparel. There was a guy who wore what looked like a business suit but covered in tiny versions of his team’s mascot. I saw a woman with a similar outfit except hers was a dress and a hat with her team’s mascots. So many fans found creative ways to express their passion for their team. It was really a joy to see. (check out my favorite fan below)




Enshrinement Week 2018 was a wonderful opportunity and experience for us at SILVERSPORT®, and we certainly recommend attending this year’s ceremony to any football fan!  


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