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Cyber Weekend: The New Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Posted on October 03 2018

Cyber Weekend: The New Black Friday and Cyber Monday



Who does all of their holiday shopping on Black Friday?


If you’re anything like me you probably eat a lot on Thanksgiving because, well, it’s Thanksgiving. I’m usually in a sloth like stupor from copious amounts of mashed potatoes and bread – what can I say?  I’m a #carbqueen.


If you’re like me and in a food coma – I have the perfect news for you.


You can have it all. And you will.


No leaving the house at 3 a.m. still half lite from the night before.

No sacrifice of sleep in the name of your Christmas budget.

No fist fights with 9 year olds over the last Nintendo Switch (is that still popular?).


This year - shop till you drop – in the comfort of your bed. 


We’ll do the rest. 


And the deals – oh believe me you’ll love them.


They’ll be just as good – scary good - if not BETTER than the ones in brick and mortar stores.


 Stayed tuned for more details to come!


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