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Feeling blah after the holidays? Here are 5 Steps to Help You Tackle Anything and Everything in 2019.

Posted on January 02 2019

Feeling blah after the holidays? Here are 5 Steps to Help You Tackle Anything and Everything in 2019.



The Holidays are over and the New Year has begun! Now is a time for growth and new beginnings.  Daunting, right? 


Well don't worry! We have 5 simple steps to help you with all of your growth in 2019.



5 Steps to Help You Tackle Anything and Everything in 2019.


Step 1: Show up


What does that mean?  Going to the gym all of the days you said you would go?  


Well, not exactly.  It means being present - mindfulness.  The New Year brings pressure of remarkable transformation whether you are changing your lifestyle or not.  When you feel yourself going down the rabbit hole that is overthinking - pause for a moment - and breathe.  Notice what you’re feeling in your body, maybe do a full body scan. Taking time to be present and showing up for yourself will enable you to overcome old thought patterns.


Step 2: Breathe


I know you’re probably thinking, “I am breathing….right now…what in the heck is she talking about.  And yes I know you’re breathing but are you consciously breathing? It is amazing to feel the shift in your body when you consciously breathe.  I’m talking full, deep inhales to the count of four, pause, and full, deep exhales to the count of four. I highly recommend doing this when you’re stuck in the Target line that looked like it was going to move fast but is actually the slowest moving line because the cashier is having a therapy session with the customer he or she is ringing up.  


Step 3: Talk to yourself


Consciously or unconsciously you talk to yourself.  Why not use it to your advantage? It doesn’t have to be outloud. And it certainly doesn’t have to be the length of a Shakespearean monologue. It could be a quote that you love that inspires you to live a more authentic life.  It could be a mantra, a chant, or perhaps a Dr. Seuss poem.

Step 4: Move your body


Movement always helps your mood.  Endorphins are released during physical activity.  They interact with your brain receptors which reduces pain and elevates your mood - often as powerful as morphine.  Moving your body doesn’t require a gym membership or strict fitness regimen, though that obviously helps. It can be as simple as taking a 20 minute walk, doing 5 minutes of yoga, or 10 jumping jacks.  Any sort of movement will work! Your options are endless.

Step 5: Develop a ritual


Creating a scheduled ritual or daily routine is soothing for your brain.  When you feel overwhelmed or anxious, this ritual will help you stay grounded in the present moment and bring you back to center.   It doesn’t have to be super involved. My daily ritual is saying 3 things I’m grateful for. The choice is yours to decide what ritual suits you best.  Start small, allow for changes, and be gentle with yourself.


Again, 2019 is your year.  It’s about you. And living your best life.  These 5 steps will give you skills and ideas to try throughout the year.  Maybe even share what you’re doing - how you’re using the 5 steps - with your loved ones or the book club you’re apart of.


Cheers to you and 2019!






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