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Healthy Habits to Enhance Wellbeing (Part 2)

Posted on June 19 2019

Healthy Habits to Enhance Wellbeing (Part 2)




We’re back! And more vibrant than ever. Want to know how we seem so put together? Glad you asked! We believe in spreading the golden nugget so you too can feel the effects. Here’s the holy grail of SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED habits to enhance your wellbeing, part 2.


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(MORE) Healthy Habits to Enhance Wellbeing 



1. Take a hike!


Most of us probably know that taking a daily stroll assists your cardiovascular system, but we bet you weren’t aware of these benefits:


  • Stride for happiness - This Archives of Internal Medicine study revealed that: “depression sufferers who took a daily walk showed just as much improvement in their symptoms as people on medication. In fact, 60 to 70 percent of the subjects could no longer even be classified as depressed.” Just as impressive, a daily walk enhanced mood for a greater duration than the medication too!
  • Walking jolts creativity – Walking increases both convergent and divergent thinking, which are associated with enhanced creativity, according to Frontiers in Neuroscience. Guess it puts “walk it off” in a whole new light! 
  • Reduces allergies – Believe it or not, University of Helsinki ecologists report venturing in great outdoors reduces pesky sneezy symptoms. How? Individuals exposed to biodiversity at a young age will grow immune systems that protect against inflammatory disorders. So get out there and strengthen up!







  • 2. #LogOff


    Admit it, we’ve all been guilty of this: You wake up and the first thing you do, even before stepping out of bed, is pull out your phone and mindlessly scroll through social media. The addiction, whether you’re aware of it or not, is real. Sign out, ditch the device, and your likely to see the following results:


    • Less news = more positive – Studies show that reading news increases anxiety. What’s more, it can induce inflammation directly correlated to cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other serious health concerns. 
    • Schedule opener – Let me guess, have you have turned down an event because you were “too busy” within the past month? The amount you dedicate to screens could dramatically affect your free time that you have for things more productive or meaningful. You’ll realize you can squeeze in that morning workout. Or, you can get that drink with your friend from out of town after all!


    Yes, we’re aware there are repercussions to our overuse of electronics, but many of us find it impossible to summon enough willpower to ignore these tempting notifications. When endless notifications roll in from apps and texts alike, it’s inevitable that our productivity will plummet. If you find the beckoning call (quite literally) from your phone irresistible, go into your settings and block access to them during work hours. Or, download these apps to quench the urge.



    See the source image 



  • 3. Compress that mess


    Are you routinely asking yourself “Where’s my favorite bracelet?” as you frantically scan the house, running late for work… again? Marie Kondo jumpstarted the decluttering trend, but did you know there’s empirical evidence justifying the need to do so?  Stop collecting dust and pick up these perks:


    • Time-saver – Many of us have some version or another of an item we reserve for a “just-in-case” scenario that never happens. Wave goodbye to the dispensable and say hello to quicker cleaning. Plus, you save time finding belongings you actually use.
    • Sense of clarity – Messy environments have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information. Neuroscientists at Princeton University found a dramatic difference in people’s task performance while observing those working in an organized versus cluttered setting. So clean up and work smarter!
    • Stress-relief – You may hold sentimental attachment to particular things, like a kid clinging onto a security blanket. But it’s time to put on your big boy/girl pants and ditch them. According to Psychology Today, it can be rather energizing! Do yourself a favor and get rid of anything that emotionally drags you down. We’re talking about that high school yearbook collecting dust. Nobody needs to be flooded with angsty memories and teenage resentments. 
    • Boost self-esteem – Clutter tends to be a reminder of tasks you’ll “get to later,” leaving feelings of guilt and lack of accomplishment. Take initiative and pride when straightening up your room, and your overall lifestyle will follow!
    • Money-saver - Mindful purchasing welcomes less impulse buys on items you really don’t need.



    Are you experiencing guilt for throwing it all out? Here’s a solution! Donate items to deserving organizations, such as Goodwill, nonprofits, and shelters.  Don’t feel the weight of all your accumulated stuff. It may be difficult to be Disney Princess Elsa, but it’s time to “Let it Go.” We promise the benefits supersede any perceived negatives.






    There you have it! We aren’t tell you to kick any habits; rather, pick up worthwhile, fruitful ones. Here’s to living our best lives!


    Share some of your own tips in the comments below!

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