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Silver is Better Than Gold

Posted on October 24 2018

Silver is Better Than Gold



You might be wondering how silver could possibly be better than gold. It goes against everything you've ever been told. Winners get gold medals and second place gets silver, right? The best jewelry you can get is gold, right? Well, be prepared to change your tune to silver.



When you think about it, what has gold ever done for you? Has gold ever purified your water, has it ever cleaned your wound? I didn’t think so. But silver has. Here are just a few awesome examples of silvers use across history:


The ancient Phoenicians would use silver vessels in order to keep their drinking water clean.



(Oh and NASA uses silver ions in their water purification systems)


And did you know that Hippocrates, none other than the father of modern medicine, used silver to treat wounds and heal ulcers.



Not to mention that silver is used in many modern day air filters as an aid in decontaminating household air!


So it’s no wonder why we put nanoparticles of silver in our sportswear line. Their presence is why our products remain odor-free after countless uses! (you should probably try them out)


So as you can see, silver really is better than gold...



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