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How To Avoid This Common Sock Nightmare

Posted on April 17 2019

How To Avoid This Common Sock Nightmare



An Evening to Forget 


This is a PSA.

Don’t let this doesn’t happen to you.

One wintery day I decided to go to my friend’s house.  I had never been to said friend’s house before. It shouldn’t have been a problem.  But it was.

I’ve never been comfortable with the whole "make yourself at home" spiel people give you when you come into their house for the first time.  If I haven’t been there before I most likely don’t know you all that well so, no, I cannot make myself at home.


 Okay, back to the story


So it was winter, aka cold outside with snow.  I bundled up, opting for a shabby chic look, and speed away to my friend’s house.  It wasn’t a far drive (thankfully) and within 20 minutes I was outside on the doorstep waiting to knock.

I wait to knock because I need a second to think “is this something I really wanna do"? And if my social anxiety riddled brain says no then I have an escape without ever having it known that I arrived in the first place.

Once I felt ready I knocked on the door and was greeted by my friend with open arms.  I took one step in the doorway and paused when something caught my eye. I looked down and saw something I never thought I would see.

*cue super dramatic music* (see below)



Shoes - in a line, to the side of the door. That could only mean one thing.



It’s a shoes off house.



Socks were the last thing on my mind when I got dressed earlier.  I did what I always do and picked up whatever pair I threw on the ground the day before.

This time however, these socks were RANK.  I definitely wore them 5 too many days and shouldn’t have put them on again, but here we were.


I looked up at my friend and slowly took off my winter boots and exposed my sock covered feet. I knew immediately I had made a mistake.  My socks smelled T E R R I B L E. Like a thousand sweaty gym bags. And on top of it all they weren’t even close to matching.


By this time my friend had gone to sit on the couch and I tiptoed with my gross socks to meet her.  She didn’t say anything about them (at the time) but years have passed and we always recount the day I went over wearing socks that smelled like the devil’s behind.



How to Avoid This Sock Nightmare

I’m telling you this story so this doesn’t happen to you.  Yeah it ended up being fine but who knows? Had it been a different person things could have turned out quite differently. Maybe we wouldn't still be friends?

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t go to a friends house for the first time wearing socks that are old and smelly. It is embarrassing.  It is a nightmare.


So what can you do to prevent this from happening?

Wear SILVERSPORT® antimicrobial socks.

Why you ask?

Because they are antimicrobial and microbes, bacteria, are what cause your socks to smell.  These socks will literally never smell (Find out why here). How great is that? 


You’ll never have a horribly embarrassing moment like I did.


You will never have to worry about panic sweat, the I-turned-the-heat-up-too-much-in-the-car-and-am-now-covered-in-sweat, or the unavoidable sweat from walking around at work.

Avoid the awkwardness.

Save that for a different day.  

Wear SILVERSPORT® socks and you’ll never have to worry about being caught off guard again.  


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