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Spring Equinox 2019: What You Need to Know

Posted on March 20 2019

Spring Equinox 2019: What You Need to Know



Do you hear the birds chirping? Is the sun shining particularly bright for you today? We may know why: it’s finally Spring!

Today, March 20th 2019, is the Spring equinox. This astrological event marks the the beginning of Spring.

Here’s all you need to know about the equinox, including why today's equinox is particularly special, and how to take advantage of all that the Spring season has to offer! 




The Official Start to Spring

Today marks the Spring equinox, which happens every March, between the 20th and 21st. Equinox comes from the Latin ‘equi’, which means equal, and ‘nox’, which means night. This refers to the day being exactly as long as night, although this isn’t totally the case (Read why here).

The Spring equinox is the official start to the Spring season according to the astronomical calendar, which has been used for thousands of years and is based off of the earth’s rotation around the sun. According to this calendar, Spring occurs from March 20th/21st until June 21st, the exact date based on the earth’s varying orbit length each year (365.24 days on average). You have that variation to thank for leap years!

The meteorological calendar, on the other hand, sees the seasons a bit differently. This system was developed by meteorologists to match the roman calendar with seasonal weather patterns in order to compare weather data. Under this system, Spring is defined as lasting from March 1 through June 1. Read more about the distinction between these two systems here.





A Unique Equinox

This year’s Spring equinox features a rare occurrence. A full Moon just happens to line up with the spring equinox in North America this year, a phenomenon that only happens three times a century! This full moon is also the third and final “supermoon” of the year. So basically, this might be the rarest full moon you’ve ever seen.


Make sure to keep an eye out for this extra-bright equinox full moon tonight!





More to Love in Spring

There’s so much to love with the coming of Spring! (Except maybe that Spring cleaning you so desperately need to do).


As Spring arrives, the days become longer. Hours of daylight increase all the way up until the Summer solstice, the longest day of the year, on June 21st.


Take advantage of this increased sunlight by getting outside! Go for a run, a hike, or a walk in the park with your loved one (or furry friend). Spring is the perfect time to get back to outdoor activities. Our activewear is ideal for spring workouts, as all of our clothes stay free of odor no matter how much you sweat in them!


(You can thank our SILVERCLEAN® technology for that).




Spring also welcomes wildlife back into our lives! Spring actually gets its name from the growth of new plants during this time, as they “spring forth” from the ground. As the sun becomes more present, flora and fauna begin to return from their Winter absence.

Worms begin to emerge from the earth due to increased sunlight. And with worms come birds! Speaking of birds, did you know that the increasing sunlight is what triggers birds to sing? How awesome!

Trees, shrubs, and flowers are also sensitive to temperature and day-length, with Spring bringing new life into bloom! Make sure to take advantage of this by planting an outdoor garden. (Can I get some fresh-grown herbs please!)





We’re super excited for Spring! Warmer weather, longer days, and more time in nature are all awesome benefits of this stellar season.


As the great Robin Williams once said: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ ”


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