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The 3 Best Ways to Use Our All Sports Spray

Posted on January 09 2019

The 3 Best Ways to Use Our All Sports Spray


How's your January so far?  Any New Years fitness goals?  If so, we have a perfect accessory to help you achieve your goals while staying odor-free.  


Surprise!  You guessed it.  The perfect accessory for your fitness goals is our All Sports Spray.  

Don't know what to use it for?  

Don't know what to put it on?  

Fear not!  Below are my 3 favorite ways to use our All Sports Spray.



1. I don’t know about you, but my shoes can get pretty smelly. Shoes can be a dark, damp environment in which bacteria can grow, causing odor. Did you know that the average foot contains 600 sweat glands per square centimeter, which is actually 6x more than the human armpit? (Read more) So it's no wonder that feet can become so odorous when trapped inside shoes all day. I find that the best way to neutralize this unwanted odor is with a few spritzes of our All Sports Spray. Within seconds, the odor is gone!






2. Inside Edition recently published an article titled The Dangerous Bacteria That May Be Lurking in Your Gym Bag. The article outlined a study conducted in which a gym bag that was used regularly to store clothes and shoes after workouts was swabbed and tested in a lab for different bacterial strains. The researchers discovered that the bag contained significant amounts of bacteria, including Staph aureus and E Coli! The article suggested storing that your clothes in plastic bags would, but I see this as unnecessary. Instead, I rely on my All Sports Spray to provide my bag protection from odor-causing bacteria.






3. The gym can be a fantastic place to improve oneself both physically and mentally. Sadly, it can also be an extremely dirty place. A recent study in which researchers took bacteria samples from equipment at three popular gyms, covered in this AskMen article, revealed that the typical free weight set can contain as much as 362 times the amount of bacteria as the average toilet seat! This might make more sense when you consider that it is unlikely that anyone is cleaning barbells at the gym. To combat this potential microbial free-for-all, I like to keep my All Sports Spray on hand at the gym and give gear a quick spray before I use it.







As you can see, SILVERSPORT® All Sports Spray can be used in a variety of ways to combat odor-causing bacteria, and might just be your next go to gym buddy. Check it out!


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