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The Case for a Cleaner Towel: The Benefits of Owning an Antimicrobial Shower Towel

Posted on January 23 2019

The Case for a Cleaner Towel: The Benefits of Owning an Antimicrobial Shower Towel



The shower towel can often be an overlooked necessity. Do you remember what made you buy the one that’s hanging in your bathroom?  Maybe you bought it because it was 40% off, or perhaps it was the one that felt softest? And you use that towel until it smells rank and never dries.  But why not get a towel that will last long and stay clean?


I'm sure you've experienced it - your shower towel getting musty and smelly after just a few showers. You say, "But I'm clean when I get out of the shower! How does this happen?"  It happens my friends from the oh so wonderful things that make your shower delightful - warm water and steam.  Bacteria develops in warm, wet, and dark places, making your bathroom and particularly your shower towel the ideal environment for this growth. According to a recent article in Time: “Towels are such great bacteria traps because every time you use a towel, you transfer your natural skin bacteria, and any other germs you’re carrying, onto their surface.” (Read more here). Say hello to your new bacteria family.



I know what you're thinking, "What should I do to stop this from happening?  Do I need to use a new towel everyday?".  

No my friends - you do not.  I have a solution for you.


Enter the antimicrobial towel: the SILVERTOWEL Shower towel (try saying that four times fast!). Now, there are other brands out there that claim to be antimicrobial and they might be for a little while but sooner rather than later your "antimicrobial" towel is back to being an ok shower towel.  Why?  How does that happen?


It's simple really - their "antimicrobial" agent washes out. It does not last.  I repeat it does not last. And boom, just like that your hopes and dreams of a nice smelling shower towel run down the drain along with your hard earned money. Our towel in particular is undeniably antimicrobial due to our SILVERCLEAN® technology, which involves infusing nanoscale silver, a natural antimicrobial, in the textiles that make up our towels.  This permanently protects the towel from odor-causing bacteria. This means that your towel won’t smell bad like all the others you've owned!


The antimicrobial effects of our shower towel offer some convincing benefits. Not only will the towel avoid obnoxious odors, but also it will require less frequent washing. (I mean do you really like doing laundry anyways?) The antimicrobial nature of the towel will make it your go-to for traveling and use in public places such as the gym, where odor-causing bacteria may be found in disturbingly high quantities.


One extra benefit of a clean towel is healthier skin. As bath towels become dirty, they tend to transfer this to the skin. This is especially important in sensitive areas like the face and neck. This transfer from towel to face can lead to the possible growth of rashes and acne on your skin! (read more about that here). So why would you not just avoid potential detriments to skin health altogether with an antimicrobial shower towel?




The case for owning an antimicrobial shower towel is clear: no odor, less washing, and healthier skin. Upgrade your shower towel today with SILVERSPORT®!


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