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Posted on December 12 2018


Here at SILVERSPORT®, we tend to stress the importance of our technology, SILVERCLEAN®. But you may be wondering, what makes our products SILVERCLEAN®, and what makes that special?


At our genesis, we imagined a world where fitness and sports were free of odor. We have made this a reality through our products. Follow the journey our products take and experience what SILVERCLEAN® means to us.


It all starts with our materials. The fabric and yarn we use is harvested from the finest natural sources, be it American cotton shrubs or, my personal favorite, the amazingly versatile bamboo plant.






These natural resources are broken down and made into incredibly fine fibers. These fibers are combed and strung together by American manufacturers to make high quality textiles and yarns.






These materials are then treated with our SILVERCLEAN® technology, which involves embedding the textiles with nanoparticles of silver.





These silver-charged textiles and yarns are dyed, cut, sown, strung, and reimagined into the products we offer, ranging from socks and tops to leggings and towels.





The silver-infused products now have the ability to stay odor-free thanks to the antimicrobial nature of silver! When our products come in to contact with sweat and moisture, silver ions are released. These ions protect our products from odor-causing bacteria. All of our products stay odor-free & antimicrobial throughout their lifetime, keeping your workouts always odor-free. 



And that’s what makes us SILVERCLEAN®.



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