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You're Not As Cool As This Plant

Posted on September 26 2018

You're Not As Cool As This Plant



What plant could possibly be cooler than you?

I'll give you a hint -  There's a black and white bear that loves to eat it.


What is it??




It's Bamboo and yes it's cooler than you. 


Why is bamboo the Beyonce of plants?  


Here's why:


1. What's that saying?  It's like watching grass grow?  Not with bamboo. It can grow up to 3 feet in one day!  Talk about a growth spurt.  


Take a look at this time-lapsed video of bamboo growing - mind blown.


2. Move over Maple. Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen than trees.


3.  Stronger than steel. Yes, you read that right (and we're from the Steel City).


4. Naturally antibacterial - which is different than antimicrobial.  You can read what the difference is here.


5. Bamboo fabric is LUSCIOUS with a capital L.  Bamboo fabric is THE SOFTEST THING EVER.  If you haven't tried it - you must.

And we at SilverSport happen to have some amazing bamboo products.


Our Bamboo Tee - literal heaven.  

Our Ultimate Fitness towel - take me to church honey.


6. Bamboo is edible - and not just for pandas!  Bamboo shoots -  from very, very young bamboo - are commonly used in Chinese and Thai cooking.

Looking for a recipe?  Try this Bamboo Salad.


Need I say more?  





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