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Reps, Roll, Repeat Bundle

SILVERCLEAN® technology provides antimicrobial performance & reduces odor-causing bacteria keeping our products always odor-free.

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Savings is just the way we roll. The Reps, Roll, Repeat Bundle allows you to save on essentials for the perfect workout experience.


First comes our SilverShaper Roller. Our roller is perfect for getting a restorative deep tissue massage after your workouts. Plus, our roller is protected from odor-causing bacteria thanks to our exclusive SILVERCLEAN technology. This means you can roll anywhere, with no worries about getting your roller nasty. (Made with polyurethane and foam, measures 24 inches round, and weighs 2.2 pounds).


Next is our Roller Cover, which provides your roller with a protective layer from odor-causing bacteria. This stretchy cover fits over a variety of sizes of foam rollers. It can be used for extra protection on our SilverShaper, or any other roller/gear that you have! (Made from 80% bamboo from greige and 20% polyester, and measures 9x16). 


And last but not least is our All Sports Spray, which eliminates tough odors easily. You can say goodbye to stinky mats, shoes, and fitness equipment! (Single 8 oz spray).