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LoveSilver Bundle

SILVERCLEAN® technology provides antimicrobial performance & reduces odor-causing bacteria keeping our products always odor-free.

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Looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life? We’ve got you covered with the LoveSilver Bundle.


It combines some of our best selling products at an affordable price making your gift giving that much easier.  Included in this bundle is our signature LoveSilver Tank, .999 fitness socks, and performance sports bra. The bundles come in three different colors: purple, coral, and black. Also included in this bundle is a free gift - a LoveSilver Tote!


As always, all of these products contain our antimicrobial technology, SILVERCLEAN, keeping them clean and odor free. Our soft and durable LoveSilver tank is made from premium yarn and is sure to become a favorite along with our sports bra - a basic sports bra, elevated. Our 999 socks are made with high wicking, ultra lightweight nylon and spandex for optimum performance. The LoveSilver bundle will ensure you or your loved one’s are completely comfortable and free of odor, making life's active moments far more enjoyable.