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Who We Are


Wouldn’t you love it if your socks never smelled? Or if your yoga mat could be used time and time again without getting gross? If “yes” was your answer to these questions, you’re going to want to get to know us.

SILVERSPORT® is a Pittsburgh-based corporation founded by NFL Hall of Famer & former Steeler Franco Harris and consumer products expert Thomas Davis, with a primary goal in mind: “Keeping Sports Clean”.

Always Odor Free
Always Odor Free


Inspired by the time tested antimicrobial properties of silver, we’ve crafted the highest quality fitness apparel and accessories that remain odor-free. Historical evidence and technological ingenuity are combined with eco-friendly materials to make products that are undeniably elite. The performance of our products is unparalleled. All of our products are made using the finest quality materials and are manufactured exclusively in the U.S.A.

Exclusive SILVERCLEAN® Technology

Using American ingenuity, we have crafted a revolutionary way to guarantee the constant elimination of odor-causing bacteria in our products.

This antimicrobial protection will last for the life of every item we sell. It won’t wash out, won’t wear off, it’s lifetime protection you can count on.

Always Odor Free
Always Odor Free

Unmatched Performance

Here at SILVERSPORT® passion meets performance with our revolutionary SILVERCLEAN® technology integrated in every product we make. This puts our products in a league of their own when it comes to odor-free performance, making them the go to workout apparel choice for many.

We’re not afraid of a little sweat. In fact, we welcome it.