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Silver Giving

Part of the Team.  Part of the Community.

We as a country are blessed by so many charitable organizations that help make a difference in the community. Many are leading the way by making their community a better place to live.

Athletes have a history of community service and their involvement continues today. Many athletes are committed to the well being of their community. They do a tremendous amount of charitable work. They are building a legacy on and off the field. Some have their own charitable organizations and some give the gift of time. Each personal involvement is valuable and important to the community.

SilverGiving is teaming up with and supporting athletes that are making a difference in their communities. With every purchase that is designated for the charity a portion of the proceeds will go to the charity. So while you are working out wearing or using SilverSport products you are supporting organizations that are working to make a difference in their community.

Thank you for supporting our athletes, their charities, and the communities they live in. With Silver Giving we are "envisioning a brighter future."

Young Women's Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation